Who we are?

Extremo Ambiente started in 2003, when the dream of Pedro Oliveira became a reality and by the possibility to share, the adrenaline of all-terrain experiences, became possible to live these experiences. At the same time all materialised from the desire, to share the best of Portugal, with people from around over the world.

The company is a reference in touristic recreation and specialized in cultural and nature based tours, with over 7.500 tours and 1.000.000 kilometers in its curriculum. In the other hand our core business stands by providing experiences in events management and design.

Trademark since 2012, member of APECATE - Portuguese Association of Congresses, Tourism Entertainment and Events; Cascais Tourism Association and the Business Association from Sintra, as well as a reference to innovation and trends of tourism in Portugal and worldwide.





What We do?

We organize events by request, by creating a mixture between adventure, history and gastronomy.
The possibilities are endless and the needs of each customer our priority. 


The quality and safety are our main concerns, when preparing and implementating each event. The team´s level of expertise, fleet maintenance, equipment certification and the guarantee of our suppliers, as our core concerns.

We stand out for excellence in organizing events, from the choice of locations and routes, activities and sports, monuments and traditions. The Extremo Ambiente detail is the special ingredient that makes each event so authentic and unforgettable.

  • Working in Lisbon, Sintra, Alentejo, Algarve promoting the wonders of each unique place.
  • The light of Lisbon, the mysterious Sintra or the tradition of Tavira.
  • The splendid mountains and the Atlantic blue.
  • From the majestic Palace of Pena to the western point of continental Europe.
  • The custard cakes, the sardines, the medronho.
  • By jeep or by bike.
  • In the winter or the summer
  • For corporate or individuals.


Definition of the word “safari”

The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic (safar) meaning a journey; Safari entered the English language at the end of the 1850s thanks to                   Richard Francis Burton, the famous explorer.

A safari is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safari often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife or hiking and sight-seeing as well.


"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."

Georg Hegel



Our Team

Pedro Oliveira

Chief Executive Officer

Pedro Oliveira is the Chief Executive Officer of Extremo Ambiente. In the world of tourism for 25 years, began in the Algarve with Zebra Safari, one of the pioneers of tourist safaris in Portugal.

Ana Denise

Chief Financial Officer

Ana Denise is the Chief Financial Officer of the Extreme Ambiente. From the start she believed in this project and made the dream come true.

Paula Lopes

Administration Manager

Paula Lopes is the Administration Manager of Extremo Ambiente. Affable, always smiling, but also quite methodical and careful, implement in their day to day all the know-how acquired over the years in highly relevant roles she played in several companies.

Sofia Linares

Commecial Representative

Sofia Linares is the commercial manager. Passionate about quality, she has a close attention to detail and makes excellence her trademark.

José Rafael

Preparation of Events and Logistics

Jose Rafael is part of the logistics team of Extremo Ambiente. Passionate about history, arts and culture, makes his vast experience the main asset for the challenges of day to day.

Carlos Santos

Mechanical and Logistics

Carlos Santos has years of experience in mechanical's main functions maintenance of various vehicles that are part of our fleet.

Tânia Bacalhau

Algarve Promoter

Promotion of tours in the Algarve area.